How To: Transfer Files Between Your Android Smartphone and PC Without Bluetooth, Infrared or USB Cable

Do you know you can transfer between your WiFi enabled Android device and your computer without a bluetooth, infrared or USB connection. If you didn’t, now you do. Its very easy and pretty convenient as it is way faster than Bluetooth.

WiFi File Transfer

WiFi File Transfer

This tutorial focuses on using the application WiFi File Transfer or WiFi File Transfer Pro ($1.34), both by smarterDroid. With similar features such as copy of entire folder, rename, delete, copy, zip and unzip, the free version has a limit on the file size you can upload to your phone but no limit whatsoever on file you can download to your computer from your phone.

Simply follow the procedures below and you are on your way to transferring files simultaneously through WiFi between your PC and your Android smart phone.

  1. Download WiFi File Transfer or WiFi File Transfer Pro ($1.34)
  2. Connect your phone and computer to the same WiFi network, optionally you can setup a WiFi network on your computer and connect your phone to it
  3. Launch the WiFi File Transfer app on your phone.
  4. Push START
  5. Open your PC’s web browser and visit the address displayed on your screen, mine was

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